[Updated] Top 6 UX and design conferences in Asia 2020

UX is definitely emerging in Asia as companies adopt user-centric design to build positive user experience and boost competitiveness. Asian cities like Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore organize major UX conferences and UX events every year for the UX and design communities to get together and share insights.

Top 6 UX and design conferences in Asia 2020

  1. Awwwards Tokyo
  2. Design Thinking Australia (Rescheduled)
  3. UX Days Tokyo (Rescheduled)
  4. UX STRAT Asia (Singapore) (Rescheduled)
  5. IXDC (Beijing) (Rescheduled)
  6. UX Australia (Melbourne)


Notice: Due to COVID-19, some of the events have been made virtual, postponed, rescheduled, or cancelled. We are actively updating the list and we are adding the following labels to the events with updates:

  • Postponed – Event is no longer held on the original date, but a new date is to be confirmed. The date of the event displayed is tentative.
  • Rescheduled – Event is no longer held on the original date, but a new date has already been confirmed. The date of the event displayed is the new date.
  • Cancelled – Event is no longer held on the original date and there will be no replacement. The date of the event displayed is the original date.
  • Virtual – Event will be held virtually.

1. Awwwards Tokyo

January 23 – January 24, Tokyo, Japan

Every year Awwwards holds conferences in different iconic cities all over the world, from New York, Barcelona and Amsterdam, to London, Paris and LA. The events unite the best agencies and thought leaders in the world of digital design.

Why you should attend: 

Awwwards is a professional web design and development competition body. It aims to recognize and promote the best of innovative web design. For the first time ever, Awwwards will be held in Asia and in Tokyo. Coincidentally, Tokyo is one of the world’s most creative cities and it will host the Olympic Games in 2020. Graphic is also one of the top UI UX trends for 2020.

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2. Design Thinking Australia

September 14 – September 16, Sydney, Australia Rescheduled

Design Thinking Australia 2020 will discuss the leading challenges for organizations in creating deeper customer interactions to drive innovation and become truly customer-centric with heads of design product owners, CX experts and innovation leaders.

Why you should attend: 

Design Thinking is a hot topic in UX that combines creativity and critical thinking. Every corporation, function, and team should adopt design thinking in their process of problem-solving and continuous improvement.

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3. UX Days Tokyo

March 26 – March 28 2021, Tokyo, Japan Rescheduled

UX Days Tokyo 2020 is divided into conference on March 26, 2021 and workshops from March 27, 2021 till March 28, 2021.

Why you should attend: 

If you happen to be in Japan or are interested to visit Japan, why not make a stop at this event and understand the state of UX in Japan? You might be in for a surprise.

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UX Days Tokyo 2020 (Tokyo, Japan)


4. UX STRAT Asia (Singapore)

November 2 – November 3, Singapore Rescheduled

The UX STRAT Asia 2020 conference will explore design strategy and innovation-focused specifically in this area of the world.

Why you should attend: 

UX STRAT Asia 2020 has attracted heavy-weight sponsors such as Foolproof, DBS, PXD, Netizen Experience and other sponsors. While it is still new, UX STRAT has successfully organized UX STRAT Europe and UX STRAT USA in the past.

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5. IXDC (Beijing)

December 17 to December 20, Beijing, China.  Rescheduled

IXDC 2020 is an international conference of experience design, organized annually by IXDC. It is called 国际体验设计大会 in Chinese.

Why you should attend: 

There won’t be a better opportunity other than IXDC to understand the UX and design trends in China. Attend this event to network with the local UX community of China and visit the Design Power Exhibition which will be held concurrently. Almost all, if not all representatives from top tech companies in China will be there.

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6. UX Australia (Melbourne)

August 25 – August 28, Melbourne, Australia

UX Australia is a 4-day conference about everything User Experience. UX Australia 2020 is Australia’s premier User Experience Design conference, now in its 12th year.

Why you should attend: 

It is now in its 12th year. Nothing more needs to be said.

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