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UIUX Trend is a free resource for practitioners and beginners alike to get insights on the latest UI and UX trends on UX design, UI design, UX research, the latest tech and strategy in UX, and career advice for UX. 

We write original in-depth articles for professionals to improve the overall process and implementations of UX in the industry. Beginners or the companies starting to adopt UX can benefit immensely from our resources and guides.

We also curate UX events and UI UX company directory for enthusiasts who like to know more about UX activities and key UX players around the world.

Several ongoing projects are in the pipeline:

  • Persona library: We are compiling a master list of sample persona for all industry. These personas may be used by companies as they make their first foray into UX.
  • Design library: We are creating a library of conventional and tested information architecture with good user experience that designers may adopt. 


This site is supported by a group of volunteers who likes to share their knowledge from their experience as UX professionals by the day. If you share the same interest and would like to contribute, we love to hear from you!

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