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UX Design Exam

Top 5 UX Certification Programs

Check out the best UX certification programs and understand the comparisons between Google UX Design Certificate, Nielsen Norman, General Assembly, and more.

Top 9 Content Strategy Trends 2021

What is live videos? Predictive modeling? Read the top 9 content strategy trends 2021 and content marketing trends in 2021 that every content creator must follow.

UI/UX Design Tips

5 UI and UX Tips For Mobile Form Design Best Practices

This article outlines the key UI & UX tips and best practices to consider when creating your mobile forms for mobile devices. The ultimate aim is to improve usability and UX by reducing cognitive loads and frustrations faced by users.

Apple iPad

New UX Design for Apple’s iPad Keyboard

Apple is revamping the UX design for the iPad’s keyboard to position the iPad as an alternative to a laptop. For UX designers, this means opportunities for more powerful apps for both iPad and MacBook.