Top 5 Content Strategy Trends 2023

Short video format is going to dominate content strategy trends and content marketing trends in 2023. Read more on how you can improve your content and awe your audience in 2023.

A well-planned and updated content strategy plan helps brands and businesses to connect easily with the target audience. Below are the top content strategy trends 2023 that every content strategist and content marketer should know:

Top Content Strategy Trends 2023

1. Research with ChatGPT

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research institute co-founded by Elon Musk in 2015 and funded by Microsoft. In November 2022, it released an AI Chatbot called ChatGPT which is powered by the language processing model GPT-3.5.

When entering some queries, ChatGPT is able to provide a human-like response in text, akin to a personalized featured snippet. However, ChatGPT is not a replacement for Google. It does not browse the internet or access current information. It is a large language model trained by OpenAI based on the text and knowledge cutoff of 2021.

Should you use the tool to create your content? No. You should not use ChatGPT to write your content in 2023. Instead, use ChatGPT to do your gain ideas and get inspiration. Research your topics and keywords with it before you start creating content.

2. Start with short-form videos

Short-form videos, also known as “Shorts” on YouTube or “Reels” on Instagram or TikTok videos, are videos under 10 minutes in length. However, the best short-form videos are usually between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. 

Due to their relatively shorter length, short-form videos are easily consumable. When done correctly and precisely, they are able to relay solid and easily understandable messages to the users.

In 2023, expect more brands to produce quality shorts to engage users on social media channels such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. 

3. Text conditional video generation system

With the power of text conditional video generation systems, AI systems such as Meta’s Make-A-Video and Google Imagen Video help to generate videos based on texts.

As the system matures, expect more videos to be generated in the entertainment industry, education industry, and even medical industry using Text conditional video generation system. It not only saves time and costs, but also offers more personalization as the effort involved in producing personalized videos is now greatly reduced.

4. Capture attention immediately

The barrier to entry into the content creation industry is practically so low now that everyone can be a content creator.

As such, the content creation industry has grown significantly over the years and the market is flooded with similar and repetitive content. Users are spoiled with too many options.

In 2023, make sure that your content is able to capture users’ attention immediately as part of your content marketing strategy or risk being phased out. This applies not only to video content, but also to copywriting, publishing, and photography. 

Brands need to effectively identify users’ passion and grab their attention immediately with relevant and helpful content.

5. Invest in creativity, regardless of channels

In the past, viral pet videos on social media were often on a random basis and accidentally captured.

However, even the most random pet video you watched today could be creatively and meticulously crafted just to impress users like you. Content creators today need to go to extremes to create surprises and gain views.

In 2023, brands will invest more in creativity as part of their content strategy or content marketing plan. Creativity is important as it helps to differentiate you from competitors. Take the time to slowly create content that is high quality, engaging, and resonates well with the users. 

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