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As a UX Researcher, you’ll evolve into a key player within our research team, taking ownership of projects and leading research activities. You’ll work closely with product teams, confidently conducting simple evaluative studies and gradually expanding your skills to tackle more complex and generative research endeavors. Your role involves collaborating with designers to influence product roadmap decisions, leveraging your growing expertise to inform strategic conversations and solution discovery. Through mentorship from experienced researchers and hands-on experience, you’ll solidify your research capabilities and contribute to the continuous improvement of our user-centered practices.




  • UX Insights Strategy: Proficient in providing insights that drive strategic decisions with a long-term impact. You excel in integrating user-centricity into research, identifying and addressing knowledge gaps, and aligning research goals with business objectives.
  • Data analysis: Proficient in data analysis, including formulating hypotheses, designing and implementing surveys, conducting descriptive data analysis, and using appropriate visualisations to communicate insights effectively.
  • UX Research & Insights: Leads various research studies, from small to large evaluative ones, analysing data and reporting actionable insights to inform decision-making processes. Your strong analytical skills enable you to interpret qualitative and quantitative data, providing meaningful insights.
  • UX Research Craftsmanship: Demonstrate expertise in conducting various research methods, maintaining high-quality standards, and contributing to practise growth and training.
  • UX Research Operations: Improve research practices and contribute to training efforts. You actively participate in research operations, utilising tools efficiently, adhering to standardised methodologies, and facilitating cross-functional collaboration.
  • Collaboration & Partnerships: Collaborate with product teams to define research objectives, advocate for the user perspective, and contribute to strategic alignment. You prioritise tasks, participate in daily planning, and engage in collaborations to enhance our research practice.
  • Insights Leadership: Effectively communicate research findings and contribute to strategic discussions. You excel in cross-team collaboration, education, facilitation, presentation, and storytelling, fostering a collaborative environment and presenting insights to diverse audiences.



  • Strategic UX Contributions: Contribute to UX research strategies aligned with business objectives, driving innovation and product improvement.
  • Data-Driven Design Decisions: Utilise research and insights to prioritise features and enhancements that resonate with users and drive business value.
  • High-Quality UX Deliverables: Produce thorough research artefacts and insights that reflect user-centric principles and industry best practices.
  • Efficient UX Operations: Implement research processes and tools that enhance efficiency and scalability across research projects and teams.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Build strong relationships with stakeholders and cross-functional teams, facilitating alignment and consensus on research objectives and outcomes.




  • UX Insights Strategy: Proven experience in driving strategic decisions with long-term impact, integrating user-centricity into research, and aligning research goals with business objectives.
  • Data analysis: Proficient in formulating hypotheses, conducting surveys, analyzing data, and using visualizations effectively.
  • UX Research & Insights: Expertise in leading various research studies, analyzing data, and reporting actionable insights.
  • UX Research Craftsmanship: Proven expertise in conducting research methods and maintaining high-quality standards.
  • UX Research Operations: Ability to improve research practices, utilising tools efficiently, and facilitating collaboration.
  • Collaboration & Partnerships: Excellent communication and mid-level stakeholder management skills, with the ability to facilitate collaboration and drive alignment across teams.
  • Insights Leadership: Proven experience with effectively communicating research findings, storytelling and contribute to strategic discussions.


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