2020: UI and UX Trends You Can't Miss
UI and UX trends in 2020 and beyond will be dominated by the word "SPEED" as part of the 5G revolution. In line with the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, we will also see a rise in the use of custom-made graphics.
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UX Process and Methodology
What is user experience (UX)? The most complete guide to UX Overview, UX Process and UX Methodology for UX practitioners.
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Netflix Dark Mode

Top 5 Web Design Trends 2020

We look into the web to identify and aggregate the top web design trends you will notice in 2020. The top 6 web design trends 2020 are dark mode, boldness in typography, ultra-minimalist, white spaces and customized graphics.

The internet's next billion users want video and voice.

Top 5 Content Strategy Trends You Can’t Avoid in 2020

All videos and no texts? Which is the most effective distribution channel? Read about these top content strategy trends you must follow in 2020. Summary of trends: more videos, more visuals, more insightful texts, a right balance among distribution channels, market your content through messaging apps, start using Schema and UX writing.

Top 6 UX and design conferences in Asia 2020

UX is definitely emerging in Asia as companies adopt user-centric design to build positive user experience and boost competitiveness. Asian cities like Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore organize major UX conferences and UX events every year for the UX and design communities to get together and share insights.

The best UX and design conferences in 2020

A comprehensive list for UX conferences, UX events and design conferences for designers, researchers, product owners, developers or anyone interested in the UIUX and design industry who are looking to attend one in 2020.

PSSUQ Calculator

Are you calculating your PSSUQ score correctly? Use this online PSSUQ calculator to calculate your Post-Study System Usability Questionnaire score now.

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