SUS Calculator

Are you calculating your SUS score correctly? Use this online SUS calculator to calculate your System Usability Scale score now.


  1. Before you use this calculator, understand what is System Usability Scale (SUS).
  2. After this, go through the rationale behind its calculation here.
  3. Knowing the SUS score is not enough, learn how to interpret the SUS score here. As a rule of thumb, 68 is the average SUS score.





  • Choosing neutral for all 10 questions in SUS will only give you a score of 50. Given that 68 is the 50th percentile, this is a below-average rating.
  • Odd-numbered questions are all in a positive tone, you will want your participants to strongly agree.
  • Even-numbered questions are all in a negative tone, something must have gone wrong in the usability of your website, software or system when your participants strongly agree.
  • Learn how to interpret the SUS score here.



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