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U’eyes Design
U'eyes Design is a leading UX research/design agency in Japan with over 15 year experience. Our research covers a wide rage of methods; quantitative, qualitative as well as ethnographic. With over 30 experts our team works to carry out around 200 user research and UI design projects each year for clients of various industrial sectors including both manufacturing and service.
Business Description

Start and Expand Your Business in Japan
If you have interest in doing business in Japan, our design research will be most helpful for your success. We support you to create your business strategy in Japan by identifying key requirements and expectations of Japanese customer as well as designing customer contact points that meet their preferences.

Increase Awareness of Your Brand in Japan
Is Japan an important market for your business? You may need to increase brand awareness in a way that suits Japanese consumer culture. Our consumer study will reveal what makes your brand more attractive and reliable for Japanese consumer. We support you to refine your brand strategy for Japanese market.

Improve Your Product/Service to Provide Best User Experience for Japanese
Localization can be one of the most difficult problems to solve for a global manufacturer or service provider. Based on deep understanding of Japanese user, we can propose you what you can do to improve UX of your product or service by creating personas, customer journey map, and so on.

Phone Number
+81 45-914-7820
Housquare Yokohama 4th Floor
1-4-1 Nakagawa, Tsuzuki-ku
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