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Try Consultoria
Try Consultoria e Pesquisas started out in 2003 doing usability and user research and evolved to prototyping and interaction design. We are pioneers in the Brazilian market, having delivered more than 300 projects so far. We have clients in a very diverse range of industries and we are quite proud of the fact that many keep coming back for more. We believe that good products are those which grant good experiences and good experiences are those in which pleasure is greater than effort.
Business Description

Designing is building.
Landing the idea in a structure
Transforming a business idea into an interaction
as fluent as a conversation.

That creating brands is not just speaking.
It is making things, and also letting things happen.
Designing a space that people will occupy and shape.

Into the business,
to discover those things which cannot be seen from the surface.
We come back with insights and inspiration
to design with propriety.

Services that communicate, enchant and engage.
Our office in São Paulo has already delivered more than 400 hundred projects for some of the best companies in the Internet market.

Phone Number
+55 11 3071 3810
Avenida Cidade Jardim, 377 · 7th floor
Sao Paulo
ZIP Code
01453 900