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Tobii is the world leader in eye tracking terms of overall market share, technology and patent portfolio. We create the conditions for new insights into human behavior and intuitive user interfaces.
Business Description

Tobii is the global leader in eye tracking.

With eye tracking, we enable technology to understand human attention and intent. Tobii has through its three business units pioneered research in many fields and we enable communication for tens of thousands of people with special needs.

* Tobii Dynavox is the global leader in assistive technology for communication. The products include specially designed eye tracking and touch based communication devices and software, to empower people with disabilities to communicate and live more independent lives.

* Tobii Pro is the world’s leading supplier of eye-tracking solutions for understanding human behavior. The portfolio spans from high performance hardware systems – desktop and wearable - to software and cloud to consulting and services that used by academic researchers and businesses looking to make better marketing investments, more informed design decisions or improve their productivity.

* Tobii Tech provides world-leading eye tracking technology to a wide range of OEM customers and partners for incorporation into a variety of product offerings to create revolutionary products that understand users. In mass market products such as computers, VR and AR-headsets the technology contributes to more intuitive and natural user interfaces and experiences. Eye tracking also creates substantial value in a wide range of innovative healthcare and industrial applications.

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