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Enervision Media, Inc.

In order to build a better website or application you need to understand your users. Enervision Media will help you do just that. Our senior consultants focus on in-depth discovery and user research, and in creating a robust UX strategy that will take your site or product to the next level.

Key Lime Interactive

Key Lime Interactive is a digital user research firm that conducts both qualitative and quantitative research for Fortune 500 companies, mid-to-large design agencies, and government agencies. We make it our business to answer research questions which help a company move the needle in terms of acquisition, convergence, and customer experience differentiation. Our customers tell us that it’s easy to design products in your own vision, but moving beyond your own perspective introduces challenge. Key Lime Interactive becomes your lens. We strive to intimately understand your product, we consult with your consumers on a level they can relate to in order to view the world and your offering the way they do. At the end of the day, we excel at blending the two to direct you down the path of innovative, thoughtful, intuitive and consumer-driven solutions.

Momentum Design Lab

Innovative. User Focused. We specialize in research, strategy, design and development for innovative human-centered customer and employee experiences.

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