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Rosenfeld Media
Rosenfeld Media provides unequaled user experience expertise, in print and in person. We connect people interested in designing better user experiences with the best expertise available--in the formats that make the most sense, and in ways that demonstrate the value of user experience design.
Business Description

As UX becomes mission critical for more industries, organizations, and people, we expect to be there—as a trusted source of really helpful, really valuable expertise that helps make sense of user experience design. Here are the ideas that are driving Rosenfeld Media:


- We don’t publish books; we publish expertise.

- We try to make sense of user experience.

- We take our own advice.

- We want to be an indispensable part of the conversation.

- We do what we do by staying small and nimble.

- We don’t do things a certain way because they’ve always been done that way.

- We’re truly convinced that good UX will make the world a better place.


Phone Number
+1 718568975
125 Maiden Lane, Suite 502
New York
ZIP Code
United States