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User Researcher

Website UniofOxford University of Oxford

As the user researcher, you will be expected to work with stakeholders across the University. You will act as a research advisor to project owners who want to understand their audiences better. You will also be responsible for creating and maintaining a repository of research on different University audiences that teams can access as needed and also be responsible for obtaining a suitable set of user research tools that can be used by anyone at the University and provide training on how to use them.




  • Drawing out ideas from others; encouraging others to contribute new ideas, including external stakeholders
  • Champion the value of user research, advocating for and educating stakeholders on the importance of research in informing design decisions and driving organisational success
  • Building user centred practices within teams
  • Using user centred design practices, and solid research processes that involve users and stakeholders throughout
  • Ensuring users are considered at every phase of the product development process
  • Helping teams to understand the diversity of users and support them in design and delivering accessible services that work for all users
  • Identifying gaps where data is needed and working with teams to fill them
  • Regularly testing design work with users in partnership with UX Consultant
  • Iterating work based on testing and data analysis
  • Communicating actionable insights in creative and compelling ways
  • Ensure ethical and responsible management of user data in research activities (e.g. privacy, consent, data security)
  • Taking ownership of own development and career




  • Proven experience of planning and leading user research sessions to gather insights and requirements
  • Experience of planning and implementing research strategies and effectively communicating them to a diverse range of stakeholders
  • A solid grasp of accessibility norms and legislation, including the implications of the 2018 public sector regulations for the University


To apply for this job please visit my.corehr.com.

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