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Senior UX Researcher

Website intrinsicai Intrinsic

Intrinsic is Alphabet’s bet aiming to reimagine the potential of industrial robotics. Our team believes that advances in AI, perception and simulation will redefine what’s possible for industrial robotics in the near future – with software and data at the core.

As a Senior UX Researcher (UXR), you will

  • Independently plan, execute, and deliver user research to enable the team of designers, product managers, and engineers to understand user needs.
  • Conduct primary research utilizing a wide variety of methods, such as field studies, interviews, diary studies, participatory workshops, ethnography, surveys, usability testing, and logs analysis.
  • Work with stakeholders across functions and levels and have impact at all stages of product development.
  • Influence overall UXR team strategy and lead programs that enable us to create useful, usable, and delightful user experiences on our platform.




  • Lead and implement strategic and tactical research programs to inform product launches, innovation and improvements.
  • Study and analyze user behavior through qualitative methods, including lab studies, field visits, interviews, ethnography, surveys, concept evaluations, etc.
  • Drive alignment across cross-functional partners and leadership by working closely with product managers, design leads, and software developers.
  • Encourage and advocate for change by highlighting research findings with actionable insights to diverse audiences through written reports, in-person presentations, and hands-on collaboration.
  • Ensure the team understands and addresses real, compelling pain points, and solutions to feel more intuitive, accessible, easy—and even magical.



Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, Statistics, Psychology, Anthropology, related field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • 5+ years of experience in an applied research setting, or similar.
  • Strong understanding of the strengths and shortcomings of different research methods, including when and how to apply them during the product development process.
  • Proficiency in communicating user research findings with cross-functional partners to drive impact.
  • Skills that will differentiate your candidacy
  • Master’s or PhD degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, Statistics, Psychology, Anthropology, or related field.

Required Experience

  • Hands-on experience researching highly technical users in a highly technical domain.
  • 2+ years of experience leading UX Research programs.


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