Top 5 Web Design Trends 2020

We look into the web to identify and aggregate the top web design trends you will notice in 2020. The top 6 web design trends 2020 are dark mode, boldness in typography, ultra-minimalist, white spaces and customized graphics.

We look into the web to identify the top web design trends you will notice in 2020.

  1. Dark mode
  2. Boldness in typography
  3. Ultra minimalist
  4. White spaces
  5. Customized graphics

1. Dark Mode

It is no surprise that dark mode is getting hotter in 2020.

The dark mode gives a cool effect to your website and it is perceived as trendy. When used properly, it can also complement bright icons and typography for easy reading.

If your laptops or mobile screens have OLED displays, dark themes can also help to save battery power.

Netflix Dark Mode
Dark mode on Netflix’s website
iOS dark mode
iOS’s dark mode setting

2. Boldness in typography

Why not be bolder when choosing typography for your website? Many designers are starting to adopt over-sized and eye-catching typography in their design.

3. Ultra-Minimalist

Minimalist has been one of the main trends in design, probably since the introduction of the iPhone. Well, good things never die. It is not only still in trend but it has even advanced toward ultra-minimalist.

Designers continue to eliminate unnecessary information from their design and combine it with over-sized typography.

Awwwards Conference Toronto’s website

4. White Spaces

In 2020, you will see more white spaces + black or white spaces + color gradient.’s white spaces

5. Customized Graphics

Brands, corporate and start-ups are starting to invest in customized graphics to create a personalized and unique brand image.

Uber icons

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