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Address: Istanbul
Overview: Userspots is a user experience company which was founded in 2009. Userspots uses UX Research methodologies to investigate your customers needs, motivations and limitations in order to create customer journey maps and design web experiences. Userspots optimises your website with usability tests and research data oriented design processes.
Phone Number: +90212 272 7766
Address: Rome
Overview: usertest/lab was founded in 2004 and provides services for the Italian market, both in the area of design and user research. usertest/lab also offers all-inclusive services of development, cunduction and reporting of usability tests, interviews, ethnographic researches and focus groups for the international market.
Phone Number: +39 06 84404055
Address: San Francisco, California
United States
Overview: Usertesting allows you to quickly and easily connect with the users you need, secure key insights to confidently make decisions towards creating easy-to-use and delightful products and experiences.
Phone Number: 1-888-877-1882
Address: Yverdon-les-Bains
Overview: Uservalue is a user research and user experience consultancy located in Switzerland. It is led by two partners with more than 20 years of combined experience. Uservalue provides the expertise to understand your users and transform your digital interfaces. We do that through a customer-tailored approach including user research, usability & user experience consulting and project assistance. Research is conducted with our state of the art mobile Lab in leading facilities in Lausanne and Geneva, or any other location in Switzerland in order to best suit our customers' needs.
Phone Number: +41 24 552 04 00
Address: San Jose, California
United States
Overview: Userzoom provides actionable UX insights for better digital experiences. It enables fast, confident decisions at every stage of the product development lifecycle.
Phone Number: 866-599-1550
Address: Moscow
Overview: Usethics is the first Russian company specialized in user experience research and interface design. Since 2001 the company has provided 400+ projects for domestic and international clients. Usethics has experience in different types of user research, from usability testing and one-to-one interviews to focus groups, large online surveys, home visits, etc. Our comfortable and easily accessible lab is located in the heart of Moscow's historical center.
Phone Number: +7 495 771-00-88
UX Consulting
Address: Singapore
Overview: UX Consulting is a user experience research and design firm. We conduct ethnography research, UX audits and usability studies as part of our experience design process. Our goal is to provide expertise and support to organisations with good human ethics and sustainable business practices to create meaningful, valuable products and services.
Phone Number: +65 6815 3113
UX Labs
Address: Saudi Arabia
Overview: UX Labs offers a variety of user experience solutions for businesses within the digital industry using the widely trusted user-centric design methodology. Our scientifically driven services include Usability Testing, User Research, and UX Design using our labs and covering KSA, UAE and Jordan.
Phone Number: +966 (0) 54 146 0960
UX Labs India
Address: Mumbai
Overview: UX Labs is an independent division of Indigo Consulting, which specializes in understanding user behavior and needs and converting them into superior user experiences. Our award winning solutions are the result of a user-centric approach, strategic vision and creativity. We have a multidisciplinary team which uses a variety of user research and testing methods to make the leap from customer insights to cutting-edge business solutions. We believe that User Experience is not just about simplicity, but also about innovation and creating the right experience at the right time.
Phone Number: +91 22 4311 0303
Address: California
United States
Overview: If you can imagine it, you can design it. Design, prototype, collaborate all in one place. UXPin is a design toolkit commonly used for UI design and prototyping.
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