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Digital UX Designer and Researcher

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As a Senior Digital UX Designer and Researcher, you will be responsible for delivering key insights for our products and translating those insights into solutions.

This will require a driven dedication to learning from our consumers mixed with a passion for action. In this role, you will work across P&G’s brands and support Digital Product Design (apps, interfaces connected devices), Digital Commerce (Social, Brand Webpages, DTC selling), and framing future innovation opportunities. You will partner with the rest of our UX/UI design and multifunctional teammates to create exceptional digital experiences, from framing to executing, from Discovery to Delivery.



As you lead UX Design for the team, we will expect you to lead generative and evaluative research, setting the bar for our approaches and protocols. It will then be up to you to synthesize and socialize these insights, translating them into low fidelity UX Design Deliverables. For these deliverables we will expect you to create personas, create user journey/empathy maps, evaluate information architecture, participate in UX copywriting, create wireframes, and partner on prototypes. These will serve as the fundamentals as you partner with our UI designers to create user centered experiences. After we create these solutions, you will then lead the handoff and evaluation of our designs, verifying accessibility compliance, running health and usability tests and generating reports, as well as determining KPI’s to continuously measure the success of the work.




  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Visual Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Design, or related field; or, relevant certification or equivalent work experience.
  • Software Fluency in the latest digital programs and tools: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator), Figma, Sketch, Whimsical, research platforms and repositories, etc.
  • Skills in UX to create robust projects foundations or the ability to step in with expertise to help multi-disciplinary teams with guidance or direction.
  • A portfolio that demonstrates strong Design Mastery in the core areas of UX Design and research. Your portfolio will be assessed on creative excellence, storytelling, problem-solving and technical mastery.
  • A case study that demonstrates the design process is essential.
  • Strong design mastery and ability to solve problems using design skills as shown in a competitive portfolio.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to justify your conceptional and directional design choices. Comfortable giving and receiving feedback.
  • Experience mentoring other user experience professionals.
  • 5+ years of product or service design experience.




Personal Qualities

  • A keen eye and attention to detail that is critical to win in our categories.
  • Exceptional collaboration/interdependence skills while engaging and influencing with multiple business partners.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and desire to lead multiple initiatives and manage complexity with excellence. Strengths include discipline, time and project management, ability to set priorities, and accountability.
  • Strong storytelling and presentation skills and able to advocate for processes and outcomes to leadership.
  • Flexibility in an environment of constant change.
  • Desire to successfully lead complex projects from conceptual start to final design delivery with passion and ownership.
  • Use of empathy and non-linear thinking: We would like for you to be able to see the consumer as a person and ideate solutions with the consumer in mind.
  • Exceptional product management skills, including the ability to lead multiple initiatives and handle complexity with confidence. Proven discipline, superior time management skills, ability to set priorities and be accountable from concept to final design delivery.


To apply for this job please visit www.pgcareers.com.

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