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User Experience Manager

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Working within BCG’s Global IT UX Center of Expertise (CoE), you’ll be part of a team responsible for the UX that drives the product and service offerings for the Personal Productivity tribe. You’ll be responsible for research and analysis of employee needs and sentiment, and working with the PO and engineers to influence improved employee satisfaction.


Job Descriptions

We’re looking for candidates who can demonstrate strong skills and relevant experience in:

  • Planning and undertaking UX research and analysis to create meaningful and actionable insights into our employees’ behaviors, needs, expectations and pain points
  • Service design and the skills needed to support the team– for example, user journey mapping, needs and sentiment analysis and any other tools, methods or processes that help you understand and define end-to-end UX
  • Iterative design methods and processes that follow Lean UX and Design Thinking approaches, testing hypotheses, concepts and prototypes with our users
  • Working collaboratively across teams, disciplines and regions to ensure that we approach our problem-solving with the necessary diversity of thought



Personal Qualities

  • curious – people who want to learn and know more about the world
  • pragmatic – those who understand the necessary constraints of UX at scale
  • flexible – folk who are happy and able to adjust their preferred design processes and approaches as projects demand
  • collaborative – the UX CoE work across products, services and functions; we need someone who recognizes the need for broad engagement across the business to arrive at the best design outcomes
  • a thinker and doer – our designers need to be able to think conceptually and work practically; this is a practitioner role and you’ll be hands-on with research, analysis, concepting and prototyping
  • a synthesizer – BCG employees deal with complex problems day-in and day-out; we’d love to hear from people who are able to manage that complexity – and abstract complexity to simplicity where possible and appropriate
  • outcome-oriented – we need designers who understand that research is a path to outcome, rather than an end in itself.
  • an advocate – our UX designers are champions for our users and will have the skills, experience, credibility and soft-skills to negotiate on their behalf
  • an educator – the UX CoE is established and growing but we still need to help guide our colleagues towards a more user-centered outlook. Our designers advise, guide and educate


Experience & Qualifications

As a User Experience Manager, we’d hope to see at least 5 years commercial experience; it would help if you’ve had experience of working in large, global enterprises and can explain the research and service design work you completed.

We’d also love to hear from people familiar with Agile at Scale and product design.

Experience engaging with senior leadership, showcasing UX work and evidencing the contributions your research and design work have made to the team’s broader strategic initiatives.


Hiring Department

You’ll be working in the Personal Productivity tribe and supported by the UX Center of Expertise (CoE), our UX design collective. We don’t believe in parachuting our designers into roles without support and the CoE is the community that will give you the tools, training and structures that we know you need to do your best work.


To apply for this job please visit careers.bcg.com.

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