Top UX Conferences and Events in Europe

Top UX Conferences and UX Events in Europe - Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and more

POLISHOPA Conference 2022 (Bydgoszcz, Poland)

Fabryka Lloyda Fordońska 156, Bydgoszcz

POLISHOPA Conference 2022 is the 9th edition of the annual UX conference in Poland. The theme for this year's conference is circular economy. Two days of intense knowledge sharing and ample networking opportunities await all participants. 


UXCon Vienna 2022 (Vienna, Austria)

Ankerbrotfabrik Fürsorge Absberggasse 35-37, Wien

UXCon Vienna 2022 is a conference gathering people who are interested in the field of UX Research and UX Design. Our aim is to establish an international platform for UX enthusiasts to interact, to provide high-value knowledge transfer among professionals, and to enlarge the social network of young professionals.


Design Matters 2022 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Halvandet Refshalevej 325, Copenhagen

Design Matters 2022 will bring on stage a global and interdisciplinary network of experts to discuss design and dive into design practices from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. The event aims at defining and leading the agenda on the most important issues concerning UX/UI, innovation, tech, and sustainability.


EuroIA 2022 (Marseille, France)

Villages Clubs du Soleil - Marseille 23 Rue François Simon, Marseille

EuroIA 2022 will be back in person this year from Sep 30 to Oct 1, 2022 in Marseille, France. Workshops, keynotes, and talks by experienced information architects, designers and UX practitioners have been scheduled throughout the two-day event.


Amuse UX Conference 2022 (Budapest, Hungary)

Central European University Nádor u. 9, Budapest

Amuse UX Conference 2022 is a three-day international hybrid conference in Budapest to bring together UX/UI people from the region to share ideas, experiences, and tools. The event is dedicated to bringing together professionals, enthusiasts or simply anyone who is interested in how to deliver outstanding user experiences or what are the best tools and practices for evaluating and collecting user requirements.


Intersection Conference 2022 (Turin, Piedmont, Italy)

Intesa Sanpaolo Skyscraper Corso Inghilterra, 3, Torino

Intersection Conference 2022 is a design and development conference that will be held in Turin, Italy between Oct 7 - 8, 2022. Speakers will share processes and methodologies on creating highly-usable digital products. Join us at the conference to learn how to create products that make a positive impact in the world!


EPIC2022 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Felix Meritis Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam

EPIC2022 is the premier annual international conference on ethnography in business. The year's conference will be held from October 9-12 with the theme 'resilience' —the ability to learn, adapt and evolve with adversity and changing conditions.

George UX Conf 2022 (Online / Vienna, Austria)

Online / Erste Campus, Vienna, Austria Am Belvedere 1, Wien

George UX Conf 2022 is a UX and service design conference focused on the banking and finance sector. Join us for an exceptional UX design event with visionary experts, creative peers, and international top speakers. Connect, exchange ideas, and gain insights into user experience, design processes, and the future of money.

World Usability Congress 2022 (Graz, Styria, Austria)

Messe Graz Messeplatz 1, Graz, Styria

World Usability Congress 2022, the tenth edition of the international usability conference, will take place from October 11 -13, 2022 in Graz, Austria. The 3-day event, comprising of a day of workshops and 2 days of conferences, will see over 30 leading practitioners from various industries share their real-world UX experiences as well as lead in multi-disciplinary workshops.


Interact London 2022 (London, United Kingdom)

The Natural History Museum Cromwell Road, London

Interact London 2022, a regional design conference that explores the roles that digital design play in today’s society, is returning as an in-person event on November 13 at the Natural History Museum. This year's theme is 'Designing tomorrow', setting the stage to explore how good designs can have a positive impact on the world we live in.


PUSH UX 2022 (Munich, Bavaria, Germany)

Alte Kongresshalle Am Bavariapark 14, München

PUSH UX 2022, the tenth edition of the largest event for UX professionals in the German speaking (DACH) region, will be held on November 3 & 4, 2022. Attendees can expect the 2-day in-person event to be filled with inspiring talks and hands-on sessions on salient UX topics.


Canvas Conference 2022 (Birmingham, England, United Kingdom)

Cineworld Birmingham 181 Broad St, Birmingham

Canvas Conference 2022, the annual digital product & experience meetup in Birmingham, will be held in-person on November 3, 2022 at Cineworld. Hear insider stories straight from leading product people, and learn new ways and approaches to create engaging digital products and experiences.


UX Brighton 2022: UX and Product Management (Brighton, England, United Kingdom)

Brighton Dome Concert Hall Church St, Brighton

UX Brighton 2022, the tenth edition of the annual UX conference in Brighton, will take place on November 4, 2022. The one-day event will take a look at the relationship between product management and UX design. People from product management, UX, research and design will gather to discover what we have to learn from one another.


STHLM Xperience Conference 2022 (Online / Stockholm, Sweden)

Online / Stockholm, Sweden 7A Posthuset, Vasagatan 28, Stockholm

STHLM Xperience Conference 2022, a participatory conference with lectures, practical tips, and workshops by experts in the field, is taking place in a hybrid format on November 10, 2022. This event will be physically held in central Sweden with live streaming made online concurrently to participants around the globe. In tandem with World Usability Day, the theme for this year's conference is 'Our Health'.


UX Live London 2022 (London, United Kingdom)

Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews, London

UX Live London 2022, an annual UX conference in central London, will be held from December 6 - 7, 2022 at the Cavendish Conference Centre. The 2-day event aims to equip participants with both hard skills in UX research and design, as well as soft skills in translating UX into business strategy and business value.